Google Cloud For Business Courses


GOOGLE CLOUD PRODUCT FUNDAMENTALS View Schedule Currently In Development Upcoming Schedule Daniel King As an experienced technologist Daniel has built a career in consulting, teaching and inspiring others to be enthusiastic about emerging technology adoption. He’s always been fascinated by what comes next and often speaks on a range of subjects engaging with developers and

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Data-Driven Transformation with Google Cloud

DATA-DRIVEN TRANSFORMATION WITH GOOGLE CLOUD View Schedule What you will learn Recognize the value of transformation with Google Cloud Explore innovation opportunities within your business Discover the Google Cloud Adoption Framework and maturity model Evaluate strategies needed to build a data driven organisation Apply data thinking to your business use case. Discover how data engineering

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Leading change when moving to Google Cloud

LEADING CHANGE WHEN MOVING TO GOOGLE CLOUD View Schedule What you will learn Use the Google Cloud Adoption Framework to structure your change management needs. Understand the psychology of change. Evaluate your self-awareness about the impact of change on your team. Assess where your team is on the change curve and how you can support

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