Data Engineering and
smart analytics ILT courses

Data Analyst learning path

The role of a Data Analyst can vary depending on what type of industry they’re in or which part of their organization they are supporting. Data Analysts gather data, analyze that data and translate the results into insights to share with business stakeholders.

From Data to Insights with Google Cloud

Want to know how to query and process petabytes of data in seconds? Curious about data analysis that scales automatically as your data grows? Data to Insights in Google Cloud features interactive scenarios and hands-on labs where you can explore, mine, load, visualize, and extract insights from diverse BigQuery datasets

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Data Engineer learning path

Data Engineers design solutions that ensure maximum flexibility and scalability, while meeting all required security controls.

Data Engineering on Google Cloud

Get an introduction to designing data processing systems, building end-to-end data pipelines, and analyzing data. You’ll learn how to lift and shift Hadoop workloads using Dataproc, process batch and streaming data on Dataflow, manage data pipelines with Data Fusion and Cloud Composer, and more.

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Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow

Advance your data processing applications by expanding your understanding of Dataflow. Learn how you can convert your business logic into data processing applications that can run on Dataflow. Review topics such as foundations, developing pipelines, and operations while covering the most important lessons for operating a data application on Dataflow.

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Database Engineer learning path

A Database Engineer helps enterprise customers architect, plan, execute, and test database migration.

Enterprise Database Migration

Develop the skills required to help enterprise customers architect, plan, execute, and test database migration projects. Learn how to move databases to Google Cloud while taking advantage of various Google Cloud services.

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