Testing IoT with Governments

In September, Axalon were selected to join an innovative procurement program run by the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI). The Testing with Government (TWiG) program aimed to leverage the innovation and agility of Queensland start-up sector to solve a series of challenges posed by the department. Axalon tackled the ‘self-service environmental monitoring‘ challenge using Ark, our cloud-based sensor data platform.

DSITI environmental and natural resources data is freely available to the public via the Queensland Open Data Portal with Air Quality, Water Quality, Storm Tide and Wave Height data amongst most downloaded datasets from the portal.

Behind the scenes, each monitoring dataset has its own complex systems to collect, validate and store data. The publication process is complex and manual. This limits the departments capacity to publish data with high frequency. Each of the datasets is separated by year and location to accommodate the current size and storage limitations which makes querying and using the data more difficult for the user.

The opportunity to work with DSITI as a foundation customer for Ark has been fantastic. We worked with the department over a twelve week period to on board Air Quality, Water Quality, Wave Height and Storm Tide data onto the platform. This provided and opportunity for Axalon to validate that the security, scalability and features of the sensor data platform are suitable for government and enterprise customers. More importantly we gained a greater understanding of Queensland Government, the services they provide to the public, and how to engage through procurement pathways and processes.

One of DSITI’s goals in providing API access to their open data is to encourage innovation by allowing developers to create applications with real-time data, which will benefit the community. We worked collaboratively with the team to develop mobile and voice applications to demonstrate the potential of the API to enable self-service access to information for the public.

We were able to showcase this work for around 200 representatives from Queensland Government and private industry in Brisbane on 7 December 2016 as we were overwhelmed by the positive response to the platform and voice applications.

The Advance Queensland TWiG program has provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate to test our sensor data platform and provided a wide audience of potential customers. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2017.

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