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Machine Learning

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which include technologies such as deep learning, neural networks and natural-language processing, can also encompass more advanced systems that understand, learn, predict, adapt and potentially operate autonomously. Systems can learn and change future behavior, leading to the creation of more intelligent devices and programs. The combination of extensive parallel processing power, advanced algorithms and massive data sets to feed the algorithms has unleashed this new era." - Gartner [Strategic Technology Trends 2017]

Axalon are harnessing the intelligence of machine learning platforms such as TensorFlow, and machine learning services such as Speech, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition and Data Loss Prevention, to build processing pipelines and applications and help our customers solve problems that even twelve months ago seemed impossible.

Machine Learning Technologies

Intelligent Apps

By 2018, Gartner expects most of the world’s largest 200 companies to exploit intelligent apps and utilize the full toolkit of big data and analytics tools to refine their offers and improve customer experience.

Intelligent apps include technologies like programmable virtual personal assistants (VPAs) and applications that are augmented by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Axalon has built Intelligent Apps for customers leveraging various technologies such as the Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Actions and Machine Learning APIs, Amazon's Alexa Voice Service and Microsoft's Machine Learning APIs. Our use cases range from custom Personal Assistants to multi-modal retail ordering bots.

Axalon Intelligent Applications

Internet of Things

"When physical assets equipped with sensors give an information system the ability to capture, communicate, and process data—and even, in a sense, to collaborate—they create game-changing opportunities: production efficiency, distribution, and innovation all stand to benefit immensely." - McKinsey [2015]

Imagine if you could ask your mobile phone to tell you the wave height at your favourite beach, or how clear the air is in the city today.

Axalon recently completed a project with a customer to do exactly this. We connected over 1000 environmental monitoring sensors across Queensland and enabled the real-time publishing of that data to the cloud. We built a series of smart applications for mobile, web and voice, to help our customer understand the innovation potential of their new real-time data source. We’re continuing to work with the client and others to connect the dots between their strategy, their sensors, data capture and data value.

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Axalon IoT Platform

Hybrid Cloud

Innovation requires a culture of openness, experimentation and curiosity. Cloud and machine learning are surfacing a constantly evolving ecosystem of innovation across different vendors. To harness and orchestrate these technologies into solutions, enterprise and goverment customers are embracing hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. We build vendor-agnostic container orchestration, micro-services architectures and continuous delivery pipelines.

Axalon has certified Google Cloud Platform Architects, Amazon Web Service Architects and VMWare Architects and we apply that experience to helping customers accelerate their transition to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud.

"Hybrid cloud is the preferred enterprise strategy...85% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy" - Rightscale [2017]

Axalon Hybrid Cloud