Business Transformation Vision with Google Cloud

If you’re wondering what the cloud hype is about or want to know what it can do for your enterprise—without the technical jargon—this course is for you. In this private class, learn how the Google Cloud library can address business challenges through three distinct lenses: technology, economics, and security. Technology alone won’t help your business become innovative, so a fourth lens helps you re-imagine the way you work by encouraging a culture of innovation.

While working in groups, you’ll develop a vision starting with an ambitious business challenge and then define a potential solution and its impact. This vision will take into account several cloud adoption phases so that you can mobilize your teams to work in parallel toward business acceleration while reducing costs.


  • Differentiate cloud services from traditional on-premises technology through financial and IT lenses
  • Describe the top ways Google Cloud Platform (GCP) innovatively reduces costs and creates value using examples
  • Describe Google’s multi-layer measures to help ensure customer data is secure, private, and compliant per government or industry regulations
  • Describe the requirements to successfully lead a culture of innovation
  • Build a cloud-first business transformation vision using a machine learning use case


This class is intended for the following participants:

  • Traditional enterprise business decision makers
  • Suitable for all management levels leading Product, Operations, Finance,
    People Management, Sales, Marketing, and Client Management interested in how Google Cloud Platform can support their business transformation


To get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Google or gmail account to access course materials
  • Savvy about own business products/services and industry
  • Some knowledge of capital expenditure
  • No prior technical knowledge is required

Course Outline

  • Before cloud: what did the business IT backbone look like?
  • How has IT evolved per the demands of growing businesses?
  • What is cloud? What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?
  • What are today’s specific business and tech-related needs?
  • How does the Google Cloud services meet these needs?
  • What are the GCP product categories and what business needs do they address?
  • How can GCP can enable effective data management?
  • How can GCP innovatively reduce costs and create value?
  • What are some business transformation cases that use GCP?
  • What are today’s cybersecurity challenges?
  • What is Google’s multi-layer approach to security?
  • How can a shared security model help to ensure joint business success?
  • How can using GCP change the way a business works?
  • How can business decision makers encourage a culture of innovation using specific examples?
  • What are some ways to practice innovative thinking techniques?
  • What are core organization-wide innovation principles?
  • What are some ways to reinforce innovation across an organization?
  1. Identify an ambitious business challenge
  2. Brainstorm potential solutions
  3. Select the primary solution and determine the required data sets
  4. Categorize high-level steps for implementing the solution



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