Axalon Implements Hypercat Standard

Smart City and Suburb initiatives promise connected, open and citizen-centric communities. Data from different service and tiers of government must be captured, collated and analysed in near real-time to enable this vision.

This interoperability of data can be achieved more quickly when the different service providers and tiers of government agree on the adoption of open standards when implementing Internet of Things (IoT) systems. However, this type of collaboration across industry and government has been historically difficult to achieve.

In September 2016, an alliance of IoT industry corporates and government, committed to adopt Hypercat as a technology standard to support the development of smart cities in Australia. Hypercat is an IoT standard developed in the United Kingdom, to enable data interoperability between connected sensors or devices being used to monitor an environment. The Federal Smart Cities and Suburbs program support for Hypercat establishes it as a de-facto standard for smart cities across all three tiers of government in Australia.

The adoption of Hypercat at such an early stage in Australia’s smart city and suburb journey sets the foundation for true data interoperability and citizen-centric services. Using the Hypercat application programming interface (API) will enable government and service providers to share data in real-time as they progress IoT initiatives. This will support decision making and improve city services, from air quality and energy usage to traffic flows and asset utilisation.

Now that the standard is set, it’s up to the IT industry to ensure the smart city products and services they’re delivering to government are compliant.

We’re showing our support of the Australian Smart Cities and Suburbs vision, by embedding HyperCat into Axalon Ark, our sensor data platform-as-a-service. Ark was built to enable our customers to extract the value from their real-time sensor data. All customers are now automatically compliant with the Australian smart cities standard. We look forward to continuing to work with our government customers and the Hypercat Alliance to build open, interoperable smart cities and suburbs.

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